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Risk Management


All of our lives, we have heard that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."   Let's face it, even though we pay for insurance coverage, we secretly hope that we never need it - and better yet, the less we use it the more affordable it can be. 


We at the FPHASIF know this well.  That is why, through our mission to serve Florida's public housing authorities, we go to great efforts to identify potential risks and threats faced by your agency to assist you in developing and implementing changes that will mitigate your exposure.  In some instances, it is as simple as the implementation of a new policy and in other instances it requires some rehab to your units, but either way, this is a benefit of your membership in the FPHASIF that we are able to provide you at no additional cost. 


Protecting you from loss keeps all of our members' premiums lower and grows our collective buying power going forward.  For that reason, we are committed to risk management! 


Safe Personnel Training® is a new program being offered to our members at no additional cost.  This suite of training videos can assist you and your staff with your day to day operations to ensure a safe workplace.  Training can done individually or as a group and even tested upon if you see fit.  You can create as many log-ins as needed to best serve your housing authority’s risk management needs.


Additionally, the FPHASIF is able to offer our members access to the exclusive and cutting-edge MyCommunityWorkplace® system.  This tool box of risk management products is available only to those Florida housing authorities that are members of the FPHASIF and can make a difference in your risk management program immediately.  There are articles and videos as well as templates available for use in your risk management planning.


We hope that you will take advantage of these free services available solely for the FPHASIF Membership.

Access our new exclusive library of resources and information for FPHASIF members.

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